• What is Golf Mews?

Golf Mews is a 30 unit Luxury Apartment Complex located in the heart of Benin City, Edo State. It is a joint venture partnership between EDPA and Design Union Ltd.

  • What does Golf Mews offer buyers?

It offers buyers 1, 2, 3bedroom apartments and 4 bedroom penthouse apartments with an attached guest chalet. It is targeted at high net worth semi-residents of the City.

  • Where is Golf Mews located?

Golf Mews is located at 32 Central Road, GRA, Benin City, Edo State opposite 4 Brigade.

  • What facilities are available in Golf Mews?

Golf Mews offers 24 hour power supply with backup generator, a swimming pool, tuck shop, meeting room and a restaurant. Concierge services are also offered to residents for a fee.

  • Can I modify my home as I please?

The external façade of all the apartments cannot be changed. However, buyers can change the interior of the apartments as they so please.

  • Is there a  payment plan for buyers?

Yes. We have a milestone payment plan and the option to make outright payment.

  • At what point does the buyer get allocation?

Allocations are offered upon payment of 50% of the purchase price on first come, first served basis.

  • What title will I get when I complete payment?

The title offered for the apartments is a Deed of Assignment.

  • Does the land belong to the government?

Yes. The Edo State Government has issued a C-of-O for the land.

  • How long will it take to deliver the property?

Occupation of the apartments is scheduled for Q3 of 2022

  • What sort of security is offered buyers?

The estate is in the heart of Benin City and directly opposite Nigerian Army 4 Brigade Headquarters. We also offer a secure perimeter, access control and 24 hour security services. The complex has complete CCTV coverage.

  • Who do I contact to purchase?

Contact EDPA – 3rd Floor EDPA Building, Sokponba Road by Ekiosa, Benin City Tel: +234 7084998638 Email: info@edpa.edostate.gov.ng

Contact Redwire Ltd Edo-Osagie Street, GRA Benin City Tel: +234 Pls add your details

Visit our website – www.thegolfmewsbenincity.com